How to polish your LinkedIn Profile

In recent years LinkedIn has became a very popular way of job searching, headhunting and generally progressing your career.  So having an effective profile is the key to enjoying career success through LinkedIn.  With LinkedIn now being the world's largest professional network with more than 546

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Perfecting your Graduate CV

If you are in your penultimate year then you should be thinking about applying for summer internships and graduate positions to give you the best chance upon graduation. Competition is fierce and normal graduate recruitment windows are between September and January before you graduate.

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Why volunteering will help your prospects and your CV

Many people who have been on maternity/paternity leave, been unwell or have enjoyed a career break are worried how this gap of unemployment might be interpreted by a potential employer.  A great way to do this is take on some volunteering activities.

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The Hidden Job Market

So the New Year is here and you are up to date with the jobs that are being advertised (and hopefully you have your CV ready!). However, how active have you been exploring the hidden job market?

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