The importance of gaining work experience whilst studying

The importance of gaining work experience whilst studying

It’s crazy to think that you could spend 3 years of your life stressing your way through a University course only to lose out on your dream job role at the end of it. There’s no denying that Uni students have it tough. Sure, there’s the occasional party session and maybe one too many hangovers but studying for exams at a Uni level is no picnic.

You’d think that after all that hard work, an employer would look at that glorious degree that you worked so hard for and rush you into the interview room… no such luck. As it turns out more and more employers are looking for something else. It’s all about experience.

Of course, your degree is still a great asset to an employer, an impressive one at that, but the question every interviewer really wants to know is “are you capable of doing the job?” 

Well, are you? 

Take journalism for example. You have just studied journalism for what feels like a lifetime and on paper you know all the ins and outs to make an incredible journalist, but have you ever worked at a newsroom outside of your course requirements? Considered volunteering as a writer for a local newspaper or perhaps taken the time to share your work as a freelancer?

These opportunities may seem small when looking at the big picture, but those examples will look great on your CV and could be just the nudge a potential employer is looking for when comparing applicants.

Work experience is a great way to build your skills and show employers just how motivated and passionate you are when it comes to your desired job role. 

And let’s be honest, if you were running a business would you rather employ someone who has only studied about your advertised role or someone else who has already taken the time to get to grips with the everyday tasks? I know what I’d prefer.

Simply put, work experience shows competence and drive. It also gives you a lot more to talk about during that all important interview giving you’re a higher chance to stand out in all the right ways.

Where do I gain work experience?

Whether you are looking for a paid role, volunteer role, short or long-term role, there’s plenty of ways to gain experience. Why not ask around your local area, place an ad in the local café, join Facebook groups… you could even ask companies that you dream of working at after graduating. There are opportunities around every corner and with a little bit of effort, you could be filling up your CV like no one’s business.

So, are you ready to impress your future employer?

Written by Holly Brown

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