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Five Reasons Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Profile as a Student

Although you are still at University or College and might not think you need to worry about LinkedIn, it is really important that you register an account and start to utilise this platform. 

There are many reasons why LinkedIn can prove to be a valuable platform even as this early stage of your career. 

  1. You can consistently build your network which could prove very useful when you start job searching. This can include connecting with fellow students, lecturers and current employers as you never know where they might end up in the future. 
  2. You can continually keep a record of your achievements as these can easily be forgotten in years to come so keep updating your profile as your go!
  3. Gain recommendations, LinkedIn have a section on your profile where connections can write a recommendation about you. If a potential employer in the future looks at your profile they will be able to see a strong track record.  So make sure you reach out to connections now. 
  4.  You will appear in Google searches, more and more employers are now ‘googling’ potential candidates, therefore, if they google you your lovely shiny LinkedIn Profile will appear. 
  5. You can keep up to date with industry developments, so make sure to follow companies of interest, industry bodies and this means they will appear in your newsfeed meaning you can read the latest articles. You can even comment which will give you exposure to the right people. 

Remember in a competitive graduate job market, first impressions are everything. So be a step ahead, organise your LinkedIn Profile and be consistent with it.  

Why not check out our free guide on how to fully complete your LinkedIn Profile? 

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