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New Year…….New Career?

In January, the number of people seeking a new work opportunity soars to 64% of the UK workforce (Telegraph 2019) and it is reported that many companies are now shaking off the aftermath of the political upheaval to focus on their growth plansThis means there will hopefully be plenty of job opportunities but also plenty of competition.  If you are considering your options or wanting to take advantage of a new opportunity then it is important to be adequately prepared.  It is imperative that you have an organised and methodical approach to tackling the job market.  This is not just your CV so here are some tips on what to prioritise:

Ensure your CV is updated: Albeit this is stating the obvious, but it is best to get your CV updated now.  This is much better than doing this last minute when you spot an opportunity. Not only could you miss an opportunity, you are also leaving yourself inadequate time to proof check your CV, conduct research and ensure you have not missed anything important.

Tailoring your CV: Remember in order to pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and to demonstrate your commitment to the role it is important to tailor your CV towards the roles you are applying for. Mirroring the job advert is a great start, where for example one employer might refer to a role in a different way to another such as In-house Recruiter leads on recruitment’ while the other might refer to ‘talent management’. It is also important to highlight the skills and achievements the employer requires rather than just sending out a generic application.

Organised job search approach: Ensure you keep an accurate record of every job you apply for so that if you are offered an interview you have the full job description to hand. This means you can prepare appropriately.  Try not to be apply for anything and everything.

Update your LinkedIn Profile: Do not let your LinkedIn lie dormant as employers will likely look at this prior to inviting you for interview. Ensure your CV and LinkedIn have the same details (dates, positions and qualifications) and that the details all coincide with each other as if they do not then the employer may question why.

Network: Although it important to apply to advertised vacancies, word of mouth is still very successful so ensure you utilise your network as they may be able to introduce you to someone that can assist you in your next career move.

Recruitment Agencies: Not all companies will advertise themselves, so it is important to establish and maintain relationships with recruitment agencies. Find out who recruits in your field and organise an appointment to meet with them. Then when a position becomes available you will be at the forefront of their mind.  Also, it is worth dropping them an email or call regularly so they know you are still available.

If you complete these steps the process should be much easier, not so time consuming, and allow you to optimise your job searching efforts.

Happy New Year!

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