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Stand Out With a Memorable Job Interview

With the perfect CV it’s no surprise that you will start getting those interviews like a pro, but when it really comes down to it, how confident are you when it comes to answering those questions?

No one wants to fall at the last hurdle, so we have teamed up with the amazing John Hoey also known as The Interview Coach, to get you in tip top shape for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Say goodbye to the stress and overwhelm of interview prep and step into the role of a successful employee, because you are about to become an employer’s ideal candidate.

Meet John Hoey

John was previously the Head of Learning and Development for Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, responsible for 3500 employees before moving on to become the Assistant Chief Fire Officer and Director of Human Resources for South Yorkshire, the sixth largest Fire Service in the UK.

John enables clients to tap into their full potential and stand out in face to face and video interviews.


What's on offer

2 Hour

Kick-Off Session


This includes:

In-depth presentation on interview techniques

How to apply the STAR technique effectively

Identifying your top competency-based examples

Practice to get you started

John’s book Prepare to Ace your Job Interview

1 Hour Refinement Session


This includes:

1-2-1 Coaching where you can practice and further develop your answers.

Guidance and support on your delivery, tone and body language

An in-depth analysis with suggested improvements.

Please Note: This session is only for those who have already completed a Kick-Off session

We are very happy to be working alongside him to help you get your dream job – book your Kick-Off session with him today to help ensure you perform at your peak in your next interview.

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