23 Feb

Gaps in your CV?

Do you have gaps in your career history or periods of unemployment that you are worried about?  Wondering what recruiters will think and how you should present or explain this to potential employers, if you get that far?  Or should you just ignore them as surely everyone must have gaps in their c

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How to write an effective Covering Letter

When a job application specifies the need to provide a ‘covering letter’  (or most likely covering email) it is very common for candidates to disregard its’ importance in setting first impressions with the recruiter.

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How to nail a competency based interview

We all still struggle to answer those difficult interview questions, especially when we are under pressure. After putting in the hard work to job search, you have received the email inviting you to an interview.

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Your body language in an interview

Although preparing for an interview is very important you also need to be aware of your body language during an interview.

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