Tips to keep a healthy mind-set when job searching

Job searching is an intense process where you can experience a wide range of feelings. There c an be feelings of frustration, excitement, disappointment, hope and rejection. However, while you are job searching it is important to remember that it is NOT personal.

Many people feel like they are never going to find a job and feel like there is not much out there. This is normal! Remember there are quiet times in the job market, for example, it will be quiet approaching Christmas, the end of the financial year (remember each company is different) and during the school holidays. Please keep this in mind and be patient…..the right opportunity will present itself!

Job searching can affect your well being where at times it you may lose hope so it is very important to take care of yourself. You wouldn’t attend work if you were unwell so you can’t go through the job searching process if don’t look after your emotional health.

With this in mind here are a few tips to try and maintain that positive mind set.

Create a Routine: this is particularly important if you are currently out of work. By creating a structure this will make you feel like you have some control, keeps your motivation up and helps you maintain a positive mindset. Don’t constantly check the job boards throughout the day. Do this at a set time each day as part of your routine. By adopting a job searching routine this will help you recognise your small wins each day. So knowing you are able to accomplish the goals you set for yourself contributes to achieving a healthier mindset.

Organisation is Key: The more organised you are the less overwhelmed you will feel. Break each task down into small sections so it is a less daunting prospect. So for example you can tailor your CV, before later compiling a cover letter. Also write down everything you apply for so you have all details to hand should you receive a phone call or email from the employer. You will also feel accomplished seeing everything written down that you have spent time carefully applying for.

Take regular breaks: It can be tempting to arrange as many interviews, networking events and coffee meetings as possible but pace yourself or you will burn out. If you have an interview one day make sure the following day you take it easy. Catch up with your emails and make a plan for the next day.

Talk about it: If you are feeling a bit low make sure you surround yourself with positive friends and family. Don’t bottle up your feelings as this can trigger more stress that will continue to bring you down.

Identify your Triggers: Have a good think and work out what your emotional triggers are.  As if you do get emotional these triggers can lower your levels of motivation and jeopardise how you job search or perform at your next interview. For example, if you know you will get frustrated or down when you don’t hear back from an interview straight away then a way to offset this could be to ask the interviewer when you should expect to hear back to manage your expectations.

Job searching can be a job in itself so be kind to yourself and have the faith.  I hope this helps and good luck in the job hunt!