CV vs LinkedIn

There has been an increasing debate over if you should use your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs and whether CVs are now becoming outdated and no longer relevant. For the avoidance of doubt, we provide both CVs and LinkedIn profiles, and therefore I have sought to be unbiased in my opinion.

Firstly, I think both CVs and LinkedIn profiles have their place and can be very effective as long as they are used correctly.  LinkedIn is a fantastic way to increase your public presence, do business, showcase your recommendations and offer an insight into your skills, experience and what it is like to work with you.  However, LinkedIn profiles cannot do certain things and I believe CVs are very much still required to apply for positions and secure an interview.  I have set out below as to why CVs are the most appropriate tool when you are applying for positions:

  • CVs should be tailored towards the particular position you are applying for to show the employer your relevant experience for the role.  LinkedIn profiles cannot do this as it is one static version that covers your overall experience. 
  • CVs are better equipped to handle Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) from the layout of your CV and key words.  Even when not going through ATS and filtering through internal recruitment or hiring managers, this is always going to be more effective than a generic LinkedIn profile
  • You can effectively showcase your achievements on your CV such as budgets you manage, clients you have worked with, initiatives you introduced, projects you have led and new accounts you have won. This would not be appropriate for LinkedIn due to restrictions on confidentially that may be in force by your current or previous employers.
  • Compiling your CV and cover letter for a position shows your commitment to applying for the role as you have put in the time and effort
  • Due to the CV being more detailed this can also aide the interview process and both you and the interviewer can utilise some of the information on this to talk about your achievements.  You can highlight things specifically, re-organise our CV to suit the requirements of the role, and really emphasise your relevant skills and experience.


Where LinkedIn can be very effective is in raising your profile, getting headhunted and promoting your industry knowledge, experience and network.  This can help you being invited to apply for a role.

Whatever your view on the CV vs LinkedIn debate, remember both need to be written well and used appropriately.  Poor compilation can be damaging when completed with spelling and grammatical errors or unprofessional language.  Even though LinkedIn may appear more business/casual it is still important to use formal language and keep it strictly business.