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At The CV Guru we have had substantial experience in writing CVs for those retiring from the police service. We are able to showcase your transferable skills and significantly increase your chances of gaining an interview.

We understand that you are unlikely to have an existing CV due to completing application forms while in the police service. We will provide you with a form to complete so that we can gain the required information from you to create your CV.

We ensure your CV is tailored towards the positions you intend to apply for as this allows the reader to understand why your skills and expertise meet their criteria and increases the likelihood of being offered an interview. Therefore, it is best to have a good idea of what you would like to apply for prior to your CV be written.

However, if you’re unsure of your next steps after retirement, (or are leaving the police prior to full service retirement), then we have expert assistance on hand. We have partnered with Willie Nicol, a police officer for over 30 years working in a wide variety of roles, who fully understands how daunting it can be to decide on your next career move. Willie will support you in making the correct decisions about your future professional direction.

Watch the video and you feel you would benefit from expert assistance and advice, then please click here to contact Willie.



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